Can you swim in the water in cabo san lucas?

Cabo San Lucas has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But can you swim in Cabo? Yes, but only on certain beaches designated for swimming. Some Cabo beaches are dangerous, so we've put together a list of favorite swimming beaches that make Cabo a great destination for beach lovers. As mentioned, yes, you can swim in Cabo.

Cabo is known for its water activities, such as cruises, surfing, diving and snorkeling. Acapulquito Beach isn't connected to any resort, but it's known to be safe and swimmable. Its environment is well maintained and it is a quieter place, perfect for tourists seeking peace. Whether it's surfing in season or looking for a nice spot to feel the ocean waves, Cabo San Lucas has some lovely beaches for swimming.

This is one of the most popular diving spots in Cabo San Lucas, as it is surrounded by coral reefs and tropical fish. For more ways to discover the best of Cabo San Lucas, explore the best Cabo de Cabo Adventures excursions and tours. To get to Santa Maria Beach, you can take a taxi or a local bus; the beach is outside the city, between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, particularly located 12.5 km (7.7 miles) north of Cabo San Lucas. This beach is just a short drive from Cabo San Lucas, you'll need a car to get to it in San José del Cabo, but its beautiful crescent-shaped coastline is worth it.

This marine reserve is a prime destination for many rental boats that offer snorkeling and diving trips from the port of Cabo San Lucas. The good news is that there are many stunning beaches perfect for swimming and diving, especially within the protected waters of bays and coves, such as Playa del Médano in Cabo San Lucas and Playa de los Enamorados, near El Arco. As mentioned, there are some great beaches for swimming in Cabo San Lucas, as well as elsewhere in the general Cabo region. Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place for swimming and snorkeling, and there are plenty of beaches where you can do so safely.

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