Is Cabo San Lucas Affordable? An Expert's Guide

Are you looking for an affordable vacation in Cabo San Lucas? You're in luck! This resort town is full of budget-friendly options that don't skimp on fun. Although Cabo San Lucas is more expensive than other places in Mexico, it's worth the price. The best time to visit is usually mid to late September, when two people can often have a lower daily budget per person than a single traveler. To help you plan your trip, we've selected five of the most affordable resorts and hotels in Cabo San Lucas. Located in one of the most desirable areas of Los Cabos, Casa del Mar is a secluded all-suite resort that's just a 10-minute walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

This luxurious beachfront property offers 50 spacious suites at an unbeatable price. For even more luxury without breaking the bank, check out Cabo Azul. This sprawling resort has 347 rooms spread across 12 acres of oceanfront property in San Jose del Cabo. Despite its size, it still manages to maintain an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

It's important to remember that Cabo San Lucas is located in the deserts of Baja California Sur, so the climate here is very different from mainland Mexico. People often use the term “Los Cabos”, but Cabo San Lucas (CSL) and San Jose del Cabo are two distinct cities. Located on the tip of Mexico's Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is known for its nightlife and golf courses. The cost of food in sit-down restaurants in Cabo San Lucas is usually higher than fast food or street food prices.

When it comes to culture, it all depends on the lifestyle you're looking for. El Medano beach and other major beaches in Cabo San Lucas are dog-friendly, but Pedregal beach has stricter pet policies. If you're looking for a more authentic experience, consider staying in San Jose del Cabo for two weeks and taking the bus to visit Cabo San Lucas. You can find both simple and five-star resorts here.

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