Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Travel?

The Los Cabos Tourist Board is committed to timely communication of travel status to the destination to all travelers and industry partners. On this website, you will find the latest information, health and safety protocols, and key initiatives implemented throughout the destination to prevent the spread of the virus while traveling to Los Cabos. In a coastal destination with lots of fresh air, the community of Cabo San Lucas has reopened and resumed normal activities. The country of Mexico has developed four levels of restrictions, with red a total quarantine and green without restrictions.

The latest Cabo San Lucas COVID update places the area in the green zone, meaning that non-essential activity is open while businesses and social activities have limited capacities. With more and more Mexican citizens getting the COVID vaccine every day, the number of cases in the city is declining, even with more travelers being tested for COVID in Cabo San Lucas. Consulate in Los Cabos can provide you with any help you may need while traveling to Cabo San Lucas. Don't worry, this all-inclusive & Swim with Whale Sharks Tour sailing cruise includes transportation to and from Cabo San Lucas.

If you prefer to walk, choose a hotel near Plaza Amelia Wilkes (Main Square of Cabo) or Cabo Marina, as you will be in the walkable parts of Cabo. During this time, the city was able to research and implement strong health and safety protocols, which helped keep Cabo San Lucas safe during the peak of the pandemic. San Jose del Cabo is still a little promising for travel, although every year it gains popularity. As tourists are the best customers of drug cartels, they largely keep their violence away from the tourist areas of Cabo so that tourists continue to arrive in Cabo San Lucas.

The municipality of Los Cabos is notoriously dangerous, and for this reason, you should be very careful when venturing off the beaten path of the city of Cabo San Lucas (better yet, don't). If you're concerned if it's safe to travel to Cabo San Lucas, you can choose to have a COVID test at home before you travel, although the current Cabo San Lucas travel advisory doesn't require it. You can also rent a car at San Jose del Cabo Airport, but keep in mind that there are tolls on the road, so you'll have to withdraw cash at the airport before hitting the road. This includes the lobby of your hotel, as you walk around Cabo Marina, inside your taxi, on a boat tour of Cabo, and basically anywhere you aren't eating, drinking or swimming.

Statistically speaking, travelers are safe in Cabo San Lucas and most of Mexico, despite media sensationalism. There are so many safe activities in Cabo San Lucas ranging from the most epic adventures to the most zen of relaxing experiences. Cabo San Lucas is open and travel to this destination is safe and easy, with few travel restrictions or entry requirements to Cabo San Lucas, few cases of Cabo Covid and certification as a Safe Travels destination. To help keep travel advisories low for Cabo San Lucas, be sure to follow all guidelines and wear a mask in public spaces.

The information was notified by the captain of Cabo San Lucas, José del Carmen Basurto Beltrán, through an official statement. Mexican states including Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Mexico City, three of the country's top attractions for foreign visitors, are showing significant increases in coronavirus cases after a busy holiday travel season.

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