Is Cabo San Lucas Safe in 2022?

Yes, both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are safe for the vast majority of visitors. 6 days ago, Cabo San Lucas was a relatively safe city to travel, and there is a low risk of being assaulted or attacked. Millions of tourists visit the area every year without incident, making it relatively safe compared to most of Mexico and major cities in the United States. If you stay within the confines of beach areas and trust your instincts, you'll have a great time.

The State Department has not yet issued any travel advisories for Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo or the entire municipality of Los Cabos in general. Most homicides in Mexico and Cabo San Lucas are isolated incidents attacked by criminal organizations and territorial battles between criminal groups. Most Cabo San Lucas hotels can arrange to have the test administered in your hotel room the day before you fly. They have been quite extensive with their coronavirus coverage in Mexico and it is a great resource to get a traffic light color indicator each week for Cabo San Lucas or any other place you plan to travel to in Mexico right now.

Women traveling alone in Cabo San Lucas should take some extra precautions to stay safe, as they should anywhere. Most of the crime on this peninsula is reported to occur in the northern region, making Cabo San Lucas a great place to settle down without having to think about crime. It is worth monitoring the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas so that you get an idea of when peak and non-peak hours are. Travel services including Uber and Lyft are reliable options for traveling in Cabo San Lucas, as well as taxis from the airport.

One of the main reasons Americans travel to Cabo San Lucas is to enjoy the warm weather and relaxing beach.

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