Is Cabo San Lucas Safe for Tourists?

It's getting quite busy in Cabo, but there are plenty of places to avoid that atmosphere. However, you may prefer San José, much quieter and with the feel of old Mexico. Rent a car and travel to Los Barrilles or Todos Santos. Smaller, quieter villages that are a pleasant day trip.

When it comes to safety, travelers often wonder if Cabo San Lucas is safe right now. Los Cabos is a popular destination for many United States tourists, but violent crime has been on the rise in certain areas due to US tourists buying drugs from local drug dealers. This has caused many travelers to question if it is safe to visit Los Cabos. The State Department recently issued an updated travel advisory to Mexico about US tourists traveling to Mexico.

Mexico currently has a Level 2 Travel Warning on a scale of 1 to 4, which means “proceed with caution”. Some parts of Mexico where drug cartel violence is at its worst have long been on a ban list, with a notice not to go to level 4.The media has painted a negative picture of Mexico and many people have wondered if it is safe to travel there. The US government issued a travel warning to Mexico and many people were afraid that the cartel would kill, kidnap and hold them for ransom. The US government has recently lifted the requirement for non-citizen visitors to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination before flying to the US.

However, there are still some restrictions on travel in Baja California Sur, which includes the tourist areas of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and La Paz. While there are no travel restrictions in Los Cabos and the entire state of Baja California Sur, the government advises all citizens to exercise greater caution in the state due to criminal activity and even homicide being a danger in parts of Baja California Sur. Most of the problems seem to be competing criminal organizations targeting each other, not attacks on tourists. However, this does not mean that you should let down your guard and not use common sense when traveling in Cabo San Lucas.

The State Department has given Mexico a general Level 3 warning for visitors to exercise caution due to violent crimes such as homicide, kidnapping, car theft and robbery being widespread throughout Mexico. Your safety in Cabo San Lucas is a priority for Los Cabos tourism, so if anything happens your resort and appropriate authorities will help you resolve any issues and answer any questions about safety in Mexico. So is Cabos safe? Yes, but it would not be wise to assume that there is never any danger. Due to crime in other parts of the state, you will experience the greatest security in Cabo San Lucas around your resort property and in other tourist areas.

It is very unlikely that any of your hikes or excursions will take you anywhere dangerous. While exploring the city, be careful and avoid displaying a large amount of money or wearing expensive jewelry. These items, as well as important travel documents, can be stored in the resort's safe. If you are going out at night, stay with a group and don't leave on your own, especially if you are a woman.

While Mexico is safe, you should take safety precautions no matter where you're traveling; it's important to keep them in mind even in Los Cabos. You're not likely to be killed by an organized crime group in a resort town like Cabo San Lucas; instead, your valuables are more likely to be stolen while you're in a tourist area during the day. The most important thing to remember when traveling to Los Cabos is that for the most part Mexico is safe if you follow simple rules of behavior. If you can't spend the weekend in another country without smoking marijuana, you should probably go to rehab instead of traveling to Cancun.

Almost all American tourists who have been killed in Mexico are because they bought drugs from the cartel because they were too afraid of flying on grass; so someone thought it was a good idea to buy drugs in a foreign country which has resulted in bystanders being injured or killed; therefore, you must remain diligent with your safety in Cabo San Lucas. In addition to hazardous areas throughout the US on the border and other regions where cartels operate, Mexico is safe and I firmly believe that it is safe to travel to Mexico including Cabo San Lucas. In general, if you don't engage in illegal activities you have nothing to worry about; I have been to Belize and Italy and have never wondered if it was safe to travel there; so why is it wondering if Los Cabos is safe? Mexico is statistically much safer than the United States; sending travel alerts calling Mexico “a failed state” and saying that ALL parts of the country (including popular resorts like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun) are dangerous is simply not true.

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