Is it Safe to Travel to Cabo San Lucas?

Los Cabos has been awarded the Safe Travels seal from the World Travel and Tourism Council, making it one of the safest destinations for a vacation in terms of health and sanitation. While other areas may experience an increase in COVID-19 cases during the winter season, Cabo San Lucas remains a relatively safe city to visit. However, it is always wise to be aware of your surroundings and not to walk alone at night in unfamiliar areas. So, is Cabo safe? Yes, but it is important to remain vigilant and not assume that there will never be any misdemeanors. To ensure a safe trip to Cabo San Lucas, travelers should stay up-to-date on all Mexico's travel advisories, exercise common sense, and pay attention to safety news in the city they are visiting.

There are certain areas of Mexico that foreign travelers should avoid, but the tourist area of Los Cabos is safe and open for travel. The U. S. Department of State website states that visitors to Baja California Sur (the state in which Cabo San Lucas is located) should be more cautious when traveling there due to crime.

The government and tourism industry have worked hard to ensure that tourists feel safe while exploring this stunning region of Mexico. Shared shuttle services are a cheaper option for solo travelers who are not splitting the cost. Visitors can also venture off the beaten track of Cabo and explore nearby cities such as La Paz, Todos Santos, Los Barriles, Cabo Pulmo, and San Jose del Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is becoming increasingly popular each year and is a great place for a day trip. For those looking for a luxurious experience, there are many five-star resorts in Cabo overlooking pristine white sands of Swimmable Blue Flag Medano Beach and the magnificent Cabo San Lucas Arch.

These resorts are just a five-minute walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas. When traveling to Mexico, including Cabo San Lucas, it is important to remain diligent with your safety. Although there is a low travel advisory for Cabo San Lucas, bystanders have been injured or killed in other regions where cartels operate. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Now is the perfect time to discover Mexico's west coast and explore all that Los Cabos has to offer.

With the right information about where to stay and what to do in Cabo San Lucas, you can feel confident and excited about your next trip.

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