When is Hurricane Season in Cabo San Lucas?

Although it officially runs between June and November, hurricane season in Los Cabos is most active from August to October. Technically, the hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas lasts from May 15 to November 30, which is more than half of the year. If you're planning a vacation and seeing when hurricane season is in Cabo San Lucas, it may seem impossible to find a time to go. However, the most active hurricane season is September and there is little rain in early summer or November.

The hurricane season in Cabo technically covers the months of June to November. However, August through October offer the best chance of active tropical storms in the region. When to Avoid a Los Cabos Vacation This perennial Mexican paradise offers ideal vacation weather from December to May, before the weather gets too hot, but you may want to avoid Cabo during spring break in March and April if you prefer a calmer setting. The storm came ashore near San Jose del Cabo on Thursday night as a category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds, according to U.

Los Cabos has excellent weather and family activities that take place almost all year round, but there are two times of the year that families might want to avoid, the first being the season rainy and hot in August and September. Los Cabos has become more popular with spring break tourists in recent years; because they tend to concentrate on a few specific resorts and nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas, you can still find quiet places to enjoy without crowds, especially in San Jose del Cabo. If you look up when it's hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas, you'll see that it's just around the corner, but the reality is that most storms won't come until late summer or early fall. If you're planning a fall vacation in Cabo San Lucas, you're likely to hear news about the rainy season and even hurricane warnings.

Because these days during Cabo San Lucas hurricane season can be hot and humid, make sure you drink plenty of water and cool off in the pool or ocean. Olaf made landfall near the city of San Jose del Cabo Thursday night as a category two hurricane with maximum winds of 100 miles (160 kilometers) per hour, the U. S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

During this time, the Cabo San Lucas weather forecast will likely predict rain for a day or two each week, but you'll likely have several days of sunny weather and clear skies. As the season approaches, pay attention to all travel advisories for Cabo San Lucas and feel free to contact your resort to inform them about their plan to stay safe during a hurricane in Los Cabos. Because it's “rainy season,” this is the best time of year to visit Cabo San Lucas if you want to avoid the crowds. Many of these resorts also have secondary locations to evacuate guests if the weather in Cabo San Lucas worsens. Temperatures in Los Cabos are warm all year round, and Cabo San Lucas is a little hotter and drier than San Jose del Cabo.

If you're worried about traveling in the fall, you can purchase travel insurance to help you reimburse your vacation if there is a travel advisory to Cabo San Lucas.

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