Where is Cabo San Lucas on the Map? An Expert's Guide

Cabo San Lucas is a city located on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, on the west coast of Mexico, close to southeastern California. It's just down the street from San Jose del Cabo, a peaceful destination renowned for its art gallery district.

Cabo San Lucas

is also home to Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore, the world's highest-paid marlin tournament. From Hollywood movies to conversations with colleagues, you've likely heard of this Mexican tropical paradise.

The time in Cabo San Lucas follows the mountain time zone in the United States, so travelers will only experience an hour or two difference when they arrive. The English-language newspaper in Cabo San Lucas, the biweekly Gringo Gazette, provides news about tourist activities in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, Todos Santos, La Paz and Eastern Cape Baja. The majority of non-Mexican inhabitants of the community are from the United States and, together with the residents of San Jose del Cabo, account for 80% of the population. The Mexican government began developing infrastructure in 1974 to make Cabo San Lucas a major tourist center of Mexico.

However, American authors such as Henry Edwards and John Ross Browne claim that the founder of Cabo San Lucas was an Englishman named Thomas Old Tom Ritchie. The Cabo San Lucas map includes detailed information on city highlights, Puerto Paraiso and Luxury Avenue shopping malls, Medano Beach, Lover's Beach, as well as street names, service centers and more. Exploring beyond your Cabo San Lucas location gives you the opportunity to experience different aspects of the local culture and natural environment. So you may have heard of Los Cabos, Cabo or Cabo San Lucas many times but don't know where it is located? It's somewhere in Mexico but where exactly? The location of Cabo San Lucas gives you access to both the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez; however, it also creates strong currents so it's important to know which beaches are safe to swim.

By looking at a map of Cabo San Lucas, you can explore nearby destinations and plan day trips to discover more of Baja California Sur.

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